From Bond to Hunt: BMW switches hero allegiances for fourth Mission: Impossible film installment

by Dan Heyman

BMW Vision EfficientDynamicsGhost protocol

Ghost Protocol will be the first time many of us get an up close look at the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept in action (all images courtesy of BMW)

BMW and Hollywood’s history is a fairly colourful one, the most recent connection being the brand’s strong presence in the James Bond film series; for three of the four films featuring Pierce Brosnan playing the title character, BMW managed to wrestle the licence free from the death-grips of British brands like Lotus and Aston Martin, only to give it right back for the last three films.

In that light, it appears that the company has shifted focus from 007 to Ethan Hunt–he of Mission: Impossible fame—for that series’ fourth movie, dubbed Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Due for a Christmas, 2011 release, the cars featured in the movie and probably being driven by the likes of Tom Cruise and Paula Patton, will provide an in-depth look at BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics concept car.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamicsGhost protocol front

Sinister front end looks to be more fit for the villain than the hero

Actually, with its dark contours and sinister-looking, squinting headlights and blue-backlit grille treatment, the Vision EfficientDynamics would fit the bill better as the villain’s steed. We think the 328 Hommage concept, which we previewed back in May, is more “like” Tom Cruise/Ethan Hunt.

BMW 328 Hommage Concept

Will the 328 Hommage make the cut? We here at think it would look pretty good in the hands of Ethan Hunt...

Not so, according to Ian Robertson of BMW AG Marketing. He said in a statement that “(BMW) is thrilled to be involved again in another Hollywood blockbuster…With its futuristic design and large glass surfaces, (the Vision EfficientDynamics) offers a fascinating perspective on the future of sheer driving pleasure. Also with BMW ConnectedDrive technology, it’s perfect for Ethan Hunt to outsmart his pursuers through narrow streets and busy city traffic.”

It will be interesting to see what BMW does with the licence; some of the creations featured in the Bond series were quite spectacular, ranging from a 750iL that could be driven remotely, to a Z3 roadster equipped with a parachute. Let’s just hope that no MI vehicles have to suffer the fate of the poor Z8 in The World is Not Enough; the rare roadster did little more than look pretty and get cut in half by a giant circular saw hanging from a helicopter. We have a feeling that this will not be the case with any of the rare concepts we expect to see in Ghost Protocol.

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