Four crazy options that have been offered on cars

by Mathieu Yuill

If you think back up cameras and satellite radio are pretty intense option decisions then check out a few options that have been available on cars throughout the years.


An airplane

This wasn’t so much of an option as it was a whole car/plane. In the 1940s dozens of patents were filed that would see plane car hybrids introduced to the motor and airways. However, none of them were practical until one person was able to design a car so small and light when attached to wings it could fly. Convair bought the rights and manufactured them. Unfortunately a crash killed any momentum the company had and the plane/car was scrapped for good

A fridge

Porsche Panamera RefrigeratorAn option on the four-door Porsche Panamara is a fridge in the back seat. It sits in the middle installed towards the trunk which presumably means there’s less room for luggage in the boot but you can keep a bunch of beverages and your lunch cool. As an added bonus it comes with two drinking glasses with engraved Porsche crewt and logo. $2,725

A record player

Hiway Hi-FiIn the 1950s Chrysler was trying to enchant younger drivers and they figured with this new fangled rock ‘n roll catching on they could cash in on a growing trend. So for three years you could order a Chrysler complete with a record player dubbed the Highway Hi-Fi. Of course bumps on the roads meant they needed to make the records heavier (by using much thicker vinyl than traditional records) and the arm was spring loaded. The problem was only a handful of records were available and they were mostly from the big band genre which wasn’t popular with the target market in the first place.

Umbrellas in the doors

Rolls Royce Door UmbrellaAn umbrella in your door might be crazy if it was your Honda Accord but it’s a bit more understandable on a Rolls Royce. Tucked away in the frame of the front doors of a Rolls Royce are full-sized golf umbrellas. This isn’t for the owner to be using, of course, but rather for the chauffeur to make use of for the person riding in the back in the case of inclement weather.

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