Appraise Your Vehicle

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Photograph Your Vehicle

Exterior Photos
  • We highly recommend that you take the main photo showing the front three-quarter view (refer to examples above)
  • Take photo at eye-level, or for a bolder angle try taking photos at headlight level.
  • If you have no choice but to take the pictures in bright, sunny conditions, then position the vehicle to minimize deep shadows caused by the direct sunlight. Take photos from the sunny side of the vehicle, and not the side that’s in the shadow.
  • Make sure the vehicle is clean.
  • Background should be neutral, so that the vehicle stands out.
Interior Photos
  • Photograph all the details a buyer will want to see inside the vehicle. Make sure to photograph the seats, dashboard, and any optional equipment (such as Navigation, Rear View Sensor or Camera, DVD Player, etc.), floor carpets, back seat, and other interior shots.
  • Include any items that help identify optional equipment, such as trim level and condition.
  • Take a picture of the odometer reading with the keys in the ignition and the power turned on so the mileage appears clearly in the photo.
  • As much as possible, take photos of the interior in the shade to prevent shadows.
Optional Photos
  • Potential Buyers will want to know that the engine has been maintained and is in working condition. One photo of the entire engine compartment with good lighting is usually adequate.

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