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Chevrolet Trax small crossover debuts in Oshawa; no plans for U.S. yet

by Dan Heyman

Chevrolet Trax front 3/4

The Chevrolet Trax will be the smallest entry in Chevy’s crossover/SUV line-up (image © GM Corp.)

As if there weren’t already crossover vehicles in Chevrolet’s line-up, the General’s bread-and-butter brand is adding the Trax to it’s line-up; based on the same platform as the Buick Encore (which is fairly obvious to see) and the Spark (less obvious), it joins the Traverse and Equinox to ensure that no matter what size you family is, Chevy’s got a crossover for that.

Actually, considering the Trax’s size, it’s probably going to be mainly aimed at young folks, coupled or otherwise, that are active and need the space afforded by the Trax’s higher roof and large hatch. It’s a micro-crossover of sorts, the likes of which we have seen in European markets for a little while now (along with the Spark and Encore, the Trax’s Gamma II platform is also shared with the European market-only Opel Mokka), and they should do well to sway those that need a little more space but aren’t ready to commit to a bigger crossover like a Kia Sportage or Ford Edge.

And it appears that GM may think that Candians, Europeans and South Koreans are a little more active than our friends down south; like the Orlando seven-seater, the Trax will be available in those markets but not the US for now.

No power figures have been released as of yet, but if Encore is anything to go by, expect to find a 1.4-litre, turbocharged four-banger making 140 horsepower beneath the hood.


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Tim May 15, 2012 at 9:10 am

The Caliber from GM? :0)


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