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2014 Dodge Journey Review

by Mathieu Yuill

2014 Dodge Journey

The 2014 Dodge Journey is called a crossover by Chrysler. It’s the same way Ford and Honda label their Escape and CR-V. There was a time these types of vehicles were called SUVs and in most cases it’s more fitting.

There is a long list of features including the available seating for seven, all-wheel-drive and ample interior room. With this in mind, the 2014 Dodge Journey certainly seems to compete above its weight class. One reality check could be its published fuel economy numbers of 11.2 L/100km city and 7.7 L/100km highway. Keep in mind, real world results made those targets hard to replicate.


  • Comfortable and smooth ride
  • Third row of seats are easily folded to suit needs
  • For under $24,000 you can get into a well-equipped 2014 Dodge Journey with a satisfying engine


  • Realistically, even children wouldn’t want to spend too much time in that third row
  • Combined city/highway driving resulted in 13.7 L/100km, not horrible but not a fuel efficiency rating to write home about
  • Sightlines in the 2014 Dodge Journey are limited compared to its competitors

Driving the 2014 Dodge Journey

There are two engine options on the 2014 Dodge Journey. The first produces 173 horsepower from a four-cylinder engine. Available on the $19,495 Canadian Value Package and $20,495 SE Plus trims. This option offers better fuel economy but doesn’t have the same pep and first step.

The 283 V6 engine offers on the SXT, Limited, R/T and R/T Rallyeye models does. The SXT starts at $23,495 and the extra power is well worth the extra $3,000.

Both engine options are mated to a smooth shifting transmission. The four-cylinder needs to work harder and you definitely feel it behind the wheel. Highway passing doesn’t require months of planning. But the vehicle felt under duress when called to overtake an 18-wheeler. The V6 is a real joy to operate. In the city you depart from a standstill with confidence and when rush hour traffic finally breaks you’re ready to go.

Small SUVs can suffer from a suspension that is tuned too soft and it feels like you’re piloting a Buick. The Journey has found balance between a comfortable ebb and flow. Its firmness that makes you feels appropriately stuck to the ground while accelerating on highway cloverleaf onramps.

Ins and Outs of the 2014 Dodge Journey

All trim levels of the 2014 Dodge Journey include the little things. Even the entry-level trim level feel like you should have paid more. Steering wheel mounted audio and cruise controls aren’t even an option on some competitors. What Dodge calls an Electronic Vehicle Information Centre positioned in the middle of the gauge cluster allows the driver to cycle through information like speed, fuel economy and the like. It’s a nice touch and feels like you’ve accidentally received some sort of tech package upgrade.

Storage is the name of the game in the 2014 Dodge Journey. The passenger seat, second row and third row of seats all fold flat to create a bunch of storage space for a small SUV. Storage bins in front of the second row of seats can be removed and cleaned. Because in all likelihood, this is where you’re going to throw things that either are or will become messy.

There are two other features about seating in the 2014 Dodge Journey. Third row seating is available on all trim levels whereas some competitors don’t offer it at all. Also available is an optional integrated child booster seats. Parents of children in need of one would find this feature welcome.

Comparing the 2014 Dodge Journey

This category is crowded. The Honda CR-V starting at $25,990, Ford Escape at $23,999 and $23,978 Nissan Rogue are just a few competitors. These along with several others are worthy of being on the same shopping list.

Where the 2014 Dodge Journey will find its niche is shoppers looking for value in this segment. You can find more features for a touch less money with the Dodge Journey. But each competitor has their own way of standing out from the crowd.

For more information about the 2014 Dodge Journey, click here!

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Dave Poore March 19, 2014 at 10:25 am

Red colour with the dark rims looks sharp! Pricing is so good on the Journey, especially the used ones, that it might be my wife’s next vehicle.


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