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Winter Driving Survival Guide

Winter Driving
Ben Mirecki
Winter Driving

“Slow down and stay alert” is the message CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) wants to get out to drivers. With winter driving conditions already in full effect in many parts of the country, it’s critical to pace your driving speed and pay extra attention to drivers around you.

CAA SCO recommends the following winter driving tips:

* Install four matching winter tires.
* Plan your trip, check the road and weather conditions.
* Give yourself plenty of extra travel time.
* Remove all snow from your vehicle’s hood, roof, windows and lights.
* Slow down and wear your seatbelt.
* Be prepared and carry a fully charged cell phone with you.
* Pack a winter survival kit.

Keep the following in your trunk: shovel, windshield washer fluid, booster cables, kitty litter and extra clothing and footwear.

Keep the following inside your vehicle: ice scraper, snow brush, blanket, flashlight and first aid kit.