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QNX announces next generation hands-free software

Ben Mirecki
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QNX Software Systems, a supplier of software, tool and engineering services for the in-car telematics and infotainment market, has announced that the QNX Aviage Acoustic Processing Suite 2.0 is now available to automakers and automotive Tier One suppliers.

According to the company, drivers are rapidly adopting hands-free communication, which must provide a high level of accuracy and clarity, even in a noisy automotive interior. With its suite — which is a field-tested solution for the receive- and send-side of hands-free calls that manages acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, wind blocking, dynamic parametric equalization, high frequency encoding and bandwidth extension — automakers can develop hands-free solutions. Automakers, moreover, can develop these solutions more cost-effectively by eliminating the need for dedicated acoustic processing hardware and by significantly shortening the tuning process.

New features of the suite include:

  • Advanced noise reduction — Operates independently across sub-bands and removes noise at the specific frequencies where it is found, thereby minimizing audio distortions and significantly improving call clarity. Can also reconstruct speech that is otherwise masked by noise, enabling even greater reduction of low-frequency road and engine noise for a higher quality hands-free call.
  • Automatic delay calculation and compensation — Can automatically calculate and compensate for audio system delays, thereby eliminating almost all required product tuning and enabling automakers to reduce deployment time and expense.
  • Off-Axis noise rejection — Rejects sound not directly in front of a microphone or speaker (off-axis), allowing dual-microphone solutions to hone in on the person speaking for greater clarity and intelligibility.

The suite now also supports larger vehicle chambers.

Systems that use the suite include the recently announced OnStar FMV, an aftermarket rearview mirror that features core OnStar services such as automatic crash response, turn-by-turn navigation and hands-free calling.

“The use of hands-free calling in cars is increasing tremendously and QNX Software Systems’ acoustic processing expertise supports some of today’s most advanced in-vehicle solutions,” stated Derek Kuhn, vice president, global marketing and business development at QNX, in a statement.