5 Awesome Facts about Luxury Cars That You Didn’t Know

Do you want to learn more about the intriguing world of high-end vehicles? Check out these awesome facts about luxury cars that you didn’t know here!

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Gabe Nelson

Are you considering buying a luxury car? Even if you're not, there's still a lot to learn about them. These cars are exciting to learn about- you're sure to find the information you didn't know when researching them! 

There are plenty of awesome facts to help persuade you! Luxury cars are the most advanced models you can buy and come with many unique features. If you want to learn more about luxury vehicles, you can start with these five facts!

1. Car Experts Test the Tesla Model S Indoors

Photo by Dmitry Novikov on Unsplash

Experts usually test drive luxury cars outside, where fumes won't build up in the open air. They push the limits of the vehicles, making sure they perform as well as intended. However, the Tesla Model S can safely run on an indoor track. 

The engine in the Tesla Model S has no emissions, making it safe to drive on an indoor track! This feature shows the difference between Tesla and other luxury car models right away. If you want a vehicle that won't harm the environment, then this is your best choice. 

Tesla is one of the only manufacturers that create vehicles that produce zero emissions. Being able to test the cars inside is very impressive because of this! Plus, indoor testing gives experts control over their environment to test more thoroughly. 

Tesla luxury cars are some of the best for using sustainable fuel sources. The Tesla Model S Long Range only costs drivers about $15.29 for a full charge. The charging efficiency is 85%, and you can expect only to pay $3.70 to drive 100 miles! How does that compare to gas-burning cars you've had?

2. Fun Fact: It's Easier To Rent Luxury Cars Than You Think

Photo by Syda Productions on Shutterstock

Did you know it's easy to rent luxury cars? Sports cars usually don't come to mind when people think of renting a car for the day. However, you can take the opportunity to try the newest models!

You can rent luxury cars for as long as you need them- it's a much cheaper process than buying one. Many people do this for special events, such as job interviews and weddings. If you need to impress, then showing up in a luxury car is sure to attract good attention.

If you're considering buying a luxury car, renting it first is a good idea. Many people don't realize they can rent before buying! Doing so allows you to test the vehicle and determine if it's the best option for you. You can even rent different luxury cars over time to find your perfect match.

In short, many drivers don't consider luxury cars when getting a rental. Next time you rent a car, consider trying a luxury model instead! You'll be impressed with the experience. 

3. Rolls Royce Makes Cars To Last

Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash

Today, it feels like modern cars just don't last. They break down and need many services to stay on the road. However, that was never the case with the Rolls Royce! You can still find these vintage luxury cars on the road today.

Rolls Royce cars can last for several decades! You can drive these old vehicles as much as you want without lowering the car's life expectancy too much. Many people who store their vintage Rolls Royce in their garages still take it on the road multiple times per year.

Modern Rolls Royce cars still last a very long time, although not nearly as long as their vintage models. Vintage car restorers still have access to the parts for older models, making it possible for old Rolls Royce to safely drive on the road today.

4. The BMW M5 Has the Quietest Engine of Any Luxury Car

Photo by serjan midili on Unsplash

The BMW M5 has the quietest engine out of all the luxury cars available. The engine's design is so precise it doesn't make a sound inside the vehicle! It's so quiet that people would forget the engine was on- which was a problem.

The speakers inside the car play fake engine noises to remind drivers that the vehicle is running. The sounds make it harder to forget the engine is on, even if you're not hearing the real engine! The fact the company had to add this feature says a lot about how quiet the engine is.

The newer models don't have this feature anymore because many drivers dislike it. The 2020 and onwards models allow you to adjust the generated engine sounds as you see fit. These options include automatic settings, balanced sound, sporty sound, and reduced sound. Still, it goes to show that BMW had engineered the quietest possible engines in their luxury car!

5. Dubai Police Drive Luxury Sports Cars

Photo by Juliya_Ka on Shutterstock

Did you know that the Dubai police force drives luxury supercars? They need their own sports cars to keep up with speeders driving them! So many wealthy people live in the area that sportscars are a common sight there.

The police in Dubai have Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and Ferraris, plus other luxury car brands. The police choose their vehicles precisely to keep up with sports car owners, so they must go just as fast.

Ordinary police cars couldn't keep up with the luxury models people in Dubai were driving. Drivers would zoom past the police cars, with no chance of getting caught! However, the police now using luxury cars can catch and ticket the speeders. The police cars also come with special features and are some of the fastest police cars in the world.

Facts and Features that Make Luxury Cars More Advanced Overall

Luxury cars are more advanced than standard cars overall. They have many features you won't find on lower-priced vehicles. Plus, they use more advanced technology and engineering. You'll even find them more comfortable inside than other cars!

Ever since the invention of motorcars, people have been coming up with options for luxury cars. If you love learning about them, there are plenty of amazing facts you can find! We hope you enjoyed the ones we gathered here.