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A First Look At Kia’s 2022 Sedona Minivan

Sean C. Resident Copy Writer/Editor

After a 7-year redesign hiatus, Kia has released a sketch of its next-generation 2022 Sedona minivan.

Let's be honest, the current Sedona needed a redesign. The last time that happened was in 2015, which in most industries these days seems more like 70 years, instead of what will be 7. Am I over-exaggerating? Probably not. That's the world we live in today. Almost every successful brand needs to come up with annual tweaks and additions to its products in order to stay on top of the market it's competing in. In short, the Kia Sedona was long overdue.

Taking a closer look at the sketches released, some of the obvious design upgrades include a taller front-end, a flatter hood, a bigger grille with vertical slats, and thin horizontal LED lights. First thoughts? A much needed modern makeover.

Now we all know Minivans aren't as common as they use to be, and for the most part, have been completely replaced with crossovers and SUVs. With this redesign, it's obvious Kia still wants to make a splash in the minivan segment (however small it may be), and are hoping this will keep them competitive against their rivals; the Dodge Grand Caravan, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey & Chrysler Pacifica.

The redesigned Sedona is Kia's way of saying "Minivans can still be cool". While the current model resembles more of a classic minivan, this redesign contains the modern look and feel of a crossover. Some might even say it resembles shades of the Lincoln Aviator.

No sketches of the interior have been released yet but we're sure it'll be just as sleek and modern as the exterior.

It seems Kia will be announcing this next-generation model sometime this summer and we can expect it to arrive in North America mid-2021.

We're keeping track of everything Kia so stay tuned for more details!