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Say Goodbye To The Honda Civic Coupe

Sean C. Resident Copy Writer/Editor

The affordable sports car we all know and love is being discontinued after almost 30 years on the market. The 2020 model year will be its last.

The Honda Civic Coupe has had declining sales since 2016, going from 16% of Hondas' total sales to only 6%.

The compact coupe market sees just a few models left standing, including the Toyota 86 & BMW 4 Series.

For 30 years this car was a staple in not only the Honda model lineup, but was also the quintessential sports coupe for young adults and first-time car buyers. With its affordable pricing and reliable performance, the discontinuation of the civic coupe is heart-breaking and only shines more light on the fact that coupes are slowly being faded out.

This is the second Coupe to get discontinued by Honda, calling back to when the Accord suffered the same fate in 2017.