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A Note From Carpages

Adam Allen Writer - Carpages.ca

Allow us to inquire: How are you doing? We ask because we care. These are unprecedented times we’re living in and as history continues unfolding before our eyes we can’t help but think about how you are navigating these uncharted waters. There’s a lot of gloomy ink being spilled about COVID-19, and some of it is helpful as governments and health care workers take on the monumental task of keeping us safe. We admit to stealing a glance at the television or our phones to keep up with every new development- OK, multiple, lingering glances- but that can grow tiring very quickly. In an effort to lift the some of the dark clouds and to turn lemons into lemonade we are implementing a glass-half-full perspective on our new reality and we promise to keep bringing you the very best in stories about cars and the automotive industry.

With this newfound zest for positive vibes, allow us to point out some of the silver linings that have resulted. We have touched base with some members of our community who are essential workers- mechanics, restaurant workers and nurses- and they all tell us that the ease of commuting with traffic volumes dramatically decreased has been very welcomed. So too have gas prices, the likes of which we haven’t seen in over a decade. Spending more time with family is something to be cherished. And when was the last time you don’t feel the pressures and burdens of the hectic lives we were living but a few weeks ago?

With the entire Canadian press fleets being grounded, it’s going to be virtually impossible to bring you a new review each week like we have done for so many years. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be posting as much as we can- perhaps not as much as we’d like, but we find ourselves excited to look at and discuss so many other facets of the industry we all love dearly. We look forward to bringing you miscellaneous ramblings, anecdotes and musings about our take on all things automotive. We hope you’ll continue to come hang out in the Carpages Garage (and with all your newfound downtime, we can’t wait to connect with those of you we haven’t seen a while.)

Please stay in touch, stay healthy and stay safe.