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The Beloved Montreal & Toronto AutoShow Will Be Going Virtual

Sean C. Resident Copy Writer/Editor

The most anticipated event for car lovers of all ages will not be making its way to Toronto in February or to Montreal in January. It was inevitable that an event of this magnitude would not be able to properly comply with the restrictions of COVID-19, and would therefore need to be postponed or canceled altogether. With that being said, the Canadian International AutoShow recently announced that both events are still moving forward & will now become fully virtual.

“It will be the world’s first virtual auto show and run as a true event — one that excites and drives the new car consumer market in the critical spring buying season,” said David McClean, Director of Marketing at the AutoShow. “As the automotive landscape changes, the Canadian International Autoshow changes with it, leading the way in terms of how the automotive world connects with consumers.”

The Montreal & Toronto AutoShow has been a staple of tourism not only in their respective provinces but has been extremely important for Canada as a whole. The Montreal event originally started in 1969 and averages over 200,000 visitors, while the Toronto AutoShow started in 1974 and averages over 300,000 visitors per year.

Both events will be free of charge and the new dates can be seen below.

Montreal: January 20-24

Toronto: February 12-21

More details on the virtual auto shows will be available in the coming weeks. 

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