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Anti Sleep Pilot app for iPhone, iPad available from ASP Technology

Anti-Sleep Pilot app
Adam Allen Writer - Carpages.ca
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Anti-Sleep Pilot app

Based on more than four years of advanced sleep science research and Danish engineering and design, the Anti Sleep Pilot continually monitors the conditions that affect a driver’s fatigue level. The app is an extension of the recently announced dash-mounted Anti Sleep Pilot device by ASP Technology.

ASP Technology‘s Anti Sleep Pilot app for the iPhone and iPad aims to make dozing off behind the wheel a thing of the past particularly on the heels of recent research from the likes of the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute.

The organization finds that as many as 20% of all traffic accidents and 40% of all single vehicle traffic accidents are triggered by fatigue-related issues.

“Since launching Anti Sleep Pilot in Denmark and at CES 2011, we have received overwhelming interest from drivers, distributors, and safety-related organizations from all over the world,” said Troels M. Palshof, founder and CEO of ASP Technology, in a statement. “We launched the Anti Sleep Pilot app to provide drivers around the world with access to the solution directly on their iPhone.”

Combining the fundamentals of the Anti Sleep Pilot device with the accelerometer, clock, timer, GPS, and other functionality of the iPhone, the Anti Sleep Pilot app helps prevent fatigue-related driving accidents by helping drivers stay alert behind the wheel. The app continually calculates a driver’s personalized driving fatigue level, maintains the individual’s alertness and ultimately alerts the driver when it is time to take a preventative driving break.

“If we are to reduce the number of road-traffic accidents related to fatigue and lack of sleep, motorists must be advised to take breaks and avoiding driving while tired,” said Ole Norregaard, sleep scientist and consultant, ASP Technology, in a statement. “Anti Sleep Pilot uses the most advanced sleep science research and technology to warn drivers when they are too tired to drive, based on a customized risk profile, and then recommends when drivers should take a break and for how long, which ultimately promotes safer driving conditions.”

The Anti Sleep Pilot app is currently available on the Apple App Store at an introductory price of $19.99 (USD), with future availability for other smartphone operating systems.