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TomTom launches custom area analysis to help optimize road network performance

TomTom road network analysis
Adam Allen Writer - Carpages.ca
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TomTom road network analysis

TomTom has launched Custom Area Analysis, an important historical traffic product that gives customers access to highly granular speed and bottleneck information for road networks around the world.

The product supports traffic modeling and analysis of road conditions and traffic performance. By providing a complete view of what is happening across the global road network, Custom Area Analysis enables enterprises and governments to better understand and more efficiently manage their local areas.

"TomTom is continuously proving its ability to innovate and the most recent example is the addition of Custom Area Analysis to our traffic portfolio," said Dan Adams, vice president of product development for TomTom Licensing, in a statement. "By providing actual driven travel times and speeds for roads globally, Custom Area Analysis supports government and enterprise partners as they develop solutions that help optimize performance on road networks."

Leveraging TomTom's database of more than 4 trillion anonymously collected data points, the Custom Area Analysis product features include:

  • Broad coverage: Actual speed and travel time information available for highways and secondary roads globally
  • Detailed granularity: Road segments ranging from a few meters to several kilometers, at any hour of the day and any period of time
  • Significant sample size: Reliable data leads to confident decisions
  • Easy to access: Access data and run reports via the Traffic Stats web portal, reducing the need for additional equipment or field surveys.

Custom Area Analysis joins a suite of traffic products designed to enable customers in enterprise, government, hardware and wireless markets develop solutions to make better use of road networks worldwide. Key TomTom traffic products include Custom Travel Times, Enterprise Traffic, HD Flow, HD Route Times and Speed Profiles.

TomTom plans to expand its traffic product portfolio with new historical traffic products and new geographic coverage available for real time traffic products.


Custom Area Analysis offers global coverage and is accessible via the TomTom Traffic Stats web portal.