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Can I Buy A Car Right Now In Ontario: Tips For Buying Cars During The COVID-19 Crisis

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With the coronavirus keeping people home around the clock, automobile sales have plummetted 35% since last year and are at the lowest they’ve been in a decade. To compensate for consumer uncertainty, auto dealerships in Canada are selling brand new cars at attractive prices and with indulgent financing options. 

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With all that being said, you might be wondering how to buy a car during COVID-19. In other words; with social distancing in place, is it actually legal to purchase a new vehicle in the middle of a pandemic? 

Read on for answers to these questions and more!

Can I Buy A Car During COVID-19 in Ontario?

From May 4, auto dealerships across Ontario have begun to reopen and Carpages customers have been able to buy from home since early April, you’re also able to get your car fixed, since automotive repairs are considered essential services. Companies such as Ford are now catering to consultations by appointment only and offering enhanced vehicle pickup and delivery services. 

Operating hours are limited and dealerships are incorporating more meticulous sanitation efforts. Test driving is now also permitted in the province, given that the vehicle allows for social distancing inside or if a 2-car convoy is arranged.

Will I Still Be Able To Purchase Gas?

buying car gas

Access to petrol is considered a necessity for employees who aren’t telecommunicating. Therefore, petrol stations are ruled an essential business. Chances are, petrol stations in your area will be functioning normally and offering crude oil and gas at much lower prices. 

Tips On Buying A Car During COVID-19

You may be wondering how to go about buying a new vehicle in a pandemic. Here are a few quick tips to help you get a great deal while staying completely safe.

Tips For Online Car Shopping

Many dealers offer a 100% online purchase option for new and used vehicles. Carpages is a dealership aggregator that prioritizes safety and convenience when buying from home. Our online inventory is chock-full of information on every vehicle we stock and will allow you to e-sign documents when needed. Depending on your proximity to any particular dealership, we can also arrange for local test drive deliveries.

Tips For Used Car Shopping

When it comes to used car shopping, research is key. We help you take a look at a particular model’s history and whether it may have reoccurring issues that involve transmission, steering, or engine functionality. We provide you with data on any repairs a vehicle might’ve undergone, its former maintenance schedule, and any recalls. It’s important to inspect a used vehicle yourself before you purchase it – so if you want to prioritize a local test drive delivery, we can do that for you.

Tips For Leasing

Especially now, leasing a car can make for risky business. There are a lot of variables to consider; including how much mileage you might get out of it, whether you’ll choose to make any modifications to it, and whether you’ll need it for longer than anticipated. Given the secondary epidemic of financial instability, leasing may not be the best option for you right now.

Tips For Selling Your Car

Given that today’s number one priority is social distancing, selling a car can be complicated and very demanding. You’ll have to determine your car’s value with an appraiser and repair parts that aren’t functioning as well as they should be. This could mean spending more than what you might potentially profit on restoration. If it isn’t a necessity, selling your car may not be a good option right now.

How To Disinfect Your Vehicle

disinfecting your vehicle during covid19

Whether or not you’re purchasing a new vehicle, keeping your existing one spotless is important when it comes to avoiding any virus transmission. Here’s how you can disinfect your vehicle safely and without damage.

Make Sure Your Car Is Empty

Empty out your seats, glove compartment, dashboard, and cupholders. You don’t want anything to get in the way of your cleaning tools. 

Vacuum The Seats

Run through every surface with a vacuum. Dirt or residue can build up in your carpets, making it harder for disinfectants to do their job thoroughly.

Use Soap And Water

Soap is an effective tool when it comes to washing oils away and is, in itself, a powerful disinfectant. Suds and bubbles can keep any traces of the virus from clinging to surfaces in your car. 

Use Alcohol And Disinfectants

Use isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of 60 - 90% to wipe down the areas you touch most in your vehicle. If your car has leather seats, you might want to consider a leather-friendly disinfectant instead.

Leave Your Car Under The Sun

Leave your car out under the sun to dry completely. If you didn’t already know, UV rays have excellent disinfecting properties. 

Can I Buy A Car Right Now In Ontario?

Yes, however, you’re going to want to do so as responsibly as possible. Link up with reliable buy-from-home programs that will provide you with useful information and resources that can help direct your decision – and as soon as you’re ready to make a purchase, let us know!