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The Most Incredible Car Wraps You’ve Ever Seen

Golden Wrapped Lamborghini
Nathan O. Resident Auto Enthusiast - Carpages.ca
Golden Wrapped Lamborghini

Car wraps are a quick and cheap way to change a car’s paint job. They’re most known as a way to add business branding to a vehicle, making it a tax-deductible mobile billboard. However, they can be so much more. People around the world are turning vinyl car wraps into a form of art.

What are the Different Types of Car Wraps?

A major distinction is between full wraps, which seamlessly cover all colored elements, and half wraps, which usually just add graphics to a specific part of the vehicle. 

Other distinctions have to do with how the wrap itself looks.


A custom car wrap is by far the best way to add custom art and branding to a new or used car you might find in Ottawa. Compared to a custom paint job, a wrap is sharp, professional, and ludicrously cheap, around two grand instead of ten.


A glossy wrap is a quick and dirty way to add show-floor sheen back to your car. Sometimes, the wrapped car ends up shinier than you ever dreamed it could be. Often, though, the wrap warps a little over time, pockmarking and dulling the shiny surface. If you want true shine, year after year, skip the wrap and start learning about car detailing.

Satin and Matte

Satin and matte are, to us, more interesting options than glossy. They’re cool, confident, and distinctive, and take advantage of vinyl’s best properties. Many of the best car wraps use a satin or matte base.


Vinyl can hold many textures, imitating materials from industrial brushed metal to high-tech carbon fiber. These are best used for small details, such as headlights and rear-view mirrors.

"Can Car Wraps Go on Any Car?"

Any car, new or used? Yes. Any paint job? No.

Unfortunately, a car wrap can’t cover up deep scratches. It also can’t cover one of those aftermarket painting disasters with an “orange peel” texture, flaking paint, visible rust, or a peeling clear coat. These problems will show through. Worse, they will make it impossible to ever remove the wrap without taking off big swaths of paint.

Also, there are a few surfaces that don’t hold a wrap well, such as rubber and ABS plastic. These need to be left out of any car wrap job.

Luxury Cars Wrapped!

Lamborghini Huracan Car Wrap

Check out this understated satin wrap. The muted finish perfectly shows off the crisp angles of the hood, instead of overwhelming them with glossy glare.

Blue Lamborghini Huracan

BMW M860i Coupe Car Wrap

This wrap shows off the possibilities of custom color wrapping. With the subtle tone shifts and perfect hue placement, this is the kind of result most professional painters could only dream of achieving.

BMW M Car with artistic wrap

Scion FR-S Car Wrap

It's all in the details, notice the A-Pillars match the roof, wheels and wing creating the perfect contrast between that beautiful green and the tinted windows. We love the FR-Z twins around here... We love them even more when they are wrapped in Carpages green!

hulk green frs

Audi R8 Car Wrap

We had to do at least one crazy one, and this is it. The Audi R8 is a great looking car, this one tops the crazy wrap scale with it's intense graphics and shapes.

audi r8 artistic wrap

La Ferrari Car Wrap

Simplicity does the trick. One of the most beautiful cars ever made gets a slight upgrade with this understated light blue wrap. We have a funny feeling these things drive as good as they look too.


What is the Best Car Wrap to Get?

In our opinion, satin or matte, with muted custom details that take advantage of vinyl’s color layering, leads to the best results. 

Really, though, wraps are about expression. Whatever car wrap you choose, if it shows who you are, it’s the best for you.

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